For Homeowners


The greatest financial investment most people ever make is their home. Incidentally, the home is also one of the few investments that typically increases in value over time (as opposed to a new car, for instance, which begins to devalue the moment you drive it off the lot).

As one of your most valuable investments, your home is worth protecting and improving. That is why I offer annual home inspection contracts at a fraction of the cost of a normal inspection. The benefits of having an annual inspection include maintaining the safety of your home and its systems as well as increasing the value of your property for when it comes time to sell.

How can an annual inspection help save you money?

Well, home maintenance costs are never fun but they are inevitable. What I can help you do is uncover minor issues before they become major problems. What costs a couple hundred dollars today might, if left unattended, cost thousands of dollars five years from now. It pays to know ahead of time what is going on with your home.

Also, consider the value of having a professional home inspection record to offer buyers if and when you decide to sell your home. I will help you create an annual home maintenance plan to address both common maintenance issues and any unique problems we find along the way–a service that will significantly enhance the value of your property at the point of sale.

Contact me for a consultation. I’d love to help you out.

~ Josh

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